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Saturday, June 12, 2021

My Ceasar Salad with Chicken

 I've been cooking in my kitchen for decades & it just dawned on me I have never made a Caesar salad! Tonight I wanted to fix something quick and easy so when I came across a recipe on Pinterest, I thought I'd give it a try because I had all the ingredients. This salad seems so plain, so keep reading to see the other ingredients I added. It turned out great so I decided to write it down in case I couldn't remember what all I added to the basic Ceasar Salad recipe. Hope you like it! There's nothing more refreshing than a crisp salad on a hot summer day.

Chicken Ceasar Salad

Chicken strips (I used frozen grilled)

Romaine or iceberg lettuce, chopped in 1" squares

Parmesan cheese (fresh grated)

Slivered almonds (toasted in the microwave)

Green onions or sweet Vidalia onions (sliced)

Croutons (plain) I like to cut them in half so they aren't so big.

Avocado slices (I meant to add this but forgot, so I will next time).

Ceasar salad dressing (you can make your own if you wish) I think Marzetti best)

Note: the slivered almonds and onions are the only things I added but they sure made a difference in this plain salad!

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