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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Free Crochet Pattern - Quick and Easy Watchband

Design by Mary Jane Hall

This simple watchband pattern was published in the 2008 Crochet A Day Calendar.. It's made with # 18 La Espiga nylon cord. I like using nylon cord or thread because it's sturdy and great for purses, or anything that needs firmness to it. You can find La Espiga  nylon (formerly called Hilos Omega nylon), in different sizes and 75 colors at Creative Yarn Source (formerly Crochet Style, Etc). Just think - 75 colors! My friend, Mona, runs this rapidly growing business. She's a wonderful person and she'll even post photos on her website https://creativeyarnsource.com/ of your work. Check out all the yarns there! The prices are great and you won't be disappointed. Tell Mona that Mary Jane sent you!

Crochet Watch Band
Free Pattern by
Mary Jane Hall

Fits women's wrist sizes sm (med, lg )

Hilos 100% Nylon cord, # 18, in Multicolor Confetti - color # 57 (7 oz. spool)
Crochet hook size E/4 (3.5mm)
Watch Face - 1 1/8" in diameter, with bar that allows you to slip band through
Tapestry Needle
 1" piece of Velcro


3 sc = 3/4"                      Band size =  Sm size - 3/4" wide X  8",
4 sc rows = 1'                 Med - 3/4" x 8 3/4",       Lg - 3/4" x 9 1/2"


Row 1: Ch 4, sc in 2nd ch from hook, and in next 2 chs, ch 1, turn - 3 sc
Rows 2 - 35 (38, 41) : Sc in each sc, ch 1, turn - 3 sc. Do not end off.
 Add or delete rows depending on how long you want band to be

Pointed End

Work 2sctog in 1st 2 sc, sc in last sc, ch 1, turn.

NOTE: Please do not copy or sell this pattern. If you would like to sell your own projects you make from this pattern, you are welcome to do that, as long as you give me the credit as the designer. Thank you for cooperating and enjoy the pattern! Mary Jane
2sctog in 2 sc, ch 1, turn, sl st in sc, end off.


Weave in all loose ends. Place velcro on band and secure for closure.


  1. Getting ready to try a few of these - I'm watch-obsessive (sigh). Question - did you put Velcro on both "attach to watch" ends, or did you join those directly to the rods on the watch? I'm trying to decide how to make these "interchangeable" rather than permanent...

    1. So, so sorry I did not see your question before! Sometimes these comments don't come to my email. I hope you figured it out, but yes, I just put the Velcro io the ends. Spike love to see yours!