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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sun and Sand Crochet Tote Bag - Tutorial to Make Rings from Plastic Tubing

How to Make Round Plastic Rings from Tubing at Lowes 

Design and Tutorial by Mary Jane Hall
The Sun and Sand Tote is my original design which was in a back issue of Crochet Today! magazine. When I first had this bag design in mind, I ordered metal rings online. But when they arrived in the mail, I decided the combination of 14 rings I needed would make the bag WAY too heavy. I had to get an extension because of being in the hospital for 16 days (having emergency surgery) and needed to come up with a quick solution. Actually, a friend was visiting me in the hospital when we both came up with the idea for making rings out of tubing. I had IV's in me with tubing everywhere! Putting these rings together was very easy and inexpensive! There was no room in the magazine to put the tutorial for the rings, so they put the instructions on their website. See the full tutorial on Crochet Today!'s website here.


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