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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shell Stitch Wristers - Crochet Noro Book

Wrist Warmers by Mary Jane Hall in Crochet Noro
The wristers in the photo is one of my designs in the hardback book Crochet Noro. A crocheter on Ravelry asked me the following question and I thought it may help someone else. This is not an error, but maybe it will help. I will continue to post if others have questions. Mary Jane

First Question from a reader:

Hi Mary Jane,
Working on your pattern from Noro Crochet. I'm a 6 months crocheter. Question on Rnd ”
5 Ch 1, turn work to WS, sl st in last sc of previous rnd, turn again (too RS) and ch 4”.
There are several opinions from friends on where the sl st goes. Is the previous Round #3 or 4? Logic says it is #4 since the instruction is in Round 5, however the sc in Round 3 seems closer. Also, I keep ending up with a big knot when I slip stitch into round 3. Any clarification would be appreciated.

 Note from Mary Jane - I ended up figuring out that the only reason I said to turn the work to the WS and sl st over, is just to get the st at the right point (once it's turned back over to the front) This is where the first V-st of the rnd will go.

Next Question from a different Reader:
Hi MaryJane, Help! I’m endeavouring to crochet these wrist warmers from the Noro book but 22 stitches , even loosley, just does not seem to be very wide. Can you confirm 22 chain is the correct number of starting chain for the cuff?
Thanks so much.

Mary Jane's Reply:
The 22 stitches is vertical not around your wrist. Maybe you have figured this out by now?
Let me know if you have any more questions :)
Mary Jane

Another person on Ravelry came to my rescue and she responded this way: Thanks Jannabean!
 I’m also making these and 22 stitches is correct for the cuff. You will start to crochet the cuff the long way, so 22 stitches is the length of the cuff. If you want it longer you can always add stitches. This is the place to customize. Once the piece measures 7 inches you’ll fold it in half and join the edge with slip stitch. And voila, cuff part one. I hope this helps.

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