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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Funky Stripes Leg Warmers

Funky Stripes Leg Warmers by Mary Jane Hall
I designed these leg warmers about 7 years ago and
 they were published in a book called "Hooks Only Crochet" by House of White Birches. You can still find this book in some stores, in libraries and of course on Amazon.

I have been surprised at how many people like this pattern and it is now available for free here. Several people on Ravelry have made them and posted their pictures.

These fun to make leg warmers will definitely use up your yarn scraps! If you don’t like stripes just make them in a solid color.

 You can use any worsted wt. (# 4) yarn. I say "fun" because I have always loved making Puff stitches from the time I learned to crochet. As I've said so many times before, I love textured crochet, and this pattern is pretty easy!

I came up with the color combination from a sweater my daughter wore many years ago. I always loved that sweater. I’ll try to find a photo of it and post the pic here so you can see how well they go together.

by nicole02 on Ravelry

A Ravelry member, nicole02, made the ones on the right.

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