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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cloverleaf Top

Jamie Hall Vaduva - Cloverleaf Top
Isn't she beautiful? Yes, I'm proud to say that's my daughter, Jamie. Krause Publishing hired professional models to be photographed for Positively Crochet!, but I was thrilled that Jamie was asked to model a few items.

We anxiously traveled to the state of Wisconsin in January, 07' for the photo shoot of my very first book, Positively Crochet. Jamie went along because I had convinced the publisher to allow my 2 granddaughters to model the girl's projects in the book. Jade11, and Sophia 8, were 2 and 5 back then, and I have to tell you, even though it was one of the most exciting times of my life, it was the coldest time of my life. I had no idea Wisconsin got as cold as it did!

One night the wind chill was 45 degrees below zero!! I'll never forget it. Jamie pulled out a wet wipe to clean Sophia and they were frozen even though they had been in the heated van for hours! Now that's cold!

 Aside from that, we had the most wonderful time and Krause publishing treated me like royalty! They put me up in a special cottage especially reserved for their authors. It was fully equipped with food, TV, and everything we needed. I didn't have to cook though. They took me out to eat at special restaurants.

The Cloverleaf Top has spaghetti straps and an attached band of dangling clover leaves. I wove an elastic thread through the top row of stitches to keep the band from falling down.

 This is an intermediate pattern with instructions for sizes xsm - 2x. By the way, the long beaded necklace, which  takes about 10 minutes to make, is a free pattern here on this blog. We just didn't have room to put it in the book. If you've never worked with thread, this would be a good project to get you started. It's not as hard as you may think. I avoided making anything with crochet thread for over 30 yrs, just because I didn't think I'd be able to see it very well. But all you need is a good light!

If you'd like to order the book this top is in, click on the front cover of Positively Crochet in the right column and you'll be directed to Amazon. $15 is a great price for a book with 50 crochet projects! (garments and accessories)

To see more and other crocheter's version of this top go to Ravelry and your see my page on this project.

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