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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Angel Hair Bolero

Angel Hair Bolero in Positively Crochet!
The Angel Hair Bolero was published in Positively Crochet! and I gave it that name because the yarn I used is the softest my hands have ever worked with. This is a yarn by Sensations, which is found at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts. It comes in beautiful colors, and is still available.

This is an intermediate project and the pattern instructions are for sizes xsm to 2x. I just love this color. Even though the yarn has a texture, the stitches are easy to see because of the mesh stitch pattern and hook size.

By the way, if you have Positively Crochet! you may have noticed the fabulous pictures. I'm proud to say that a world famous photographer (Dave Wacker of Photography by JD) took the pictures for this book!

Aminta Moses
 He is known all over the world and if fact he travels to other countries to do workshops on photography. Take a look at the pictures and poses a little closer, especially if you are an aspiring photographer.  To see this Bolero on Ravelry, go here and you'll find projects by other crocheters.

If you don't like putting in "set in" sleeves, you'll like this pattern because the sleeves are worked right onto the armhole opening.

The book you'll find this pattern in, Positively Crochet! is in the right column. Just click on it to be directed to Amazon where you can purchase it for around $15, which is a great buy. You'll get 50 patterns for trendy crochet garments and accessories! Can't beat that!

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