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Monday, April 18, 2011

Thrift Store Find # 4 - Crochet & Suede Lavender Poncho

Mihaela Vaduva Modeling the Poncho
I just wish you could see this poncho in person. The photos do not show the true beauty of the rayon thread. It has a beautiful shine and I'm sure you've seen similar crochet items with this thread in stores. I've looked for something similar for years and never found it until now.

I'm happy to say that my friend, Mona, at Creative Yarn Source (formerly Crochet Style, Etc) in Columbus, carries this kind of yarn / thread. I ordered some and it is just gorgeous. It comes in a hank, and if you're planning to wind it on a yarn swift, be very careful, since it's slippery and easy to get tangled. That happened to me and it was a mess. The thread is called La Abuela Rayon and comes in 66 beautiful colors!

La Abuela Rayon Thread at Creative Yarn Source

The solid circles on this poncho are a soft suede, which makes this crochet item a unique find.

By the way, the wallpaper in the background (top photo) is from one of the bedrooms in my home, which is decorated in Victorian style. It makes me  sad that I have to move, but I'll get to do more decorating where I'm going. Interior decorating is another one of my passions.

 Another thread with high sheen that Mona carries is  La Abuela Acetate, which has a high sheen and comes in 66 colors, as well. These threads are very similar in appearance and I know you'll love them. You just have to go to this site to view the amazing colors! If you order from her, please tell Mona that I sent you!


  1. Wow - so beautiful. I just started crocheting with thread and am really appreciating how much more difficult it is than working with yarn so this thrift store find especially impresses me!

  2. Really, it's not as difficult to work with thread as I thought :) I did my first thread project in 2007 when I was working on Positively Crochet. (the book)

  3. My local thrift store is one of my favorite places to go.

    You just don't know what things you will find there, and find there for sometimes dirt cheap.

    I haven't crochet with thread yet, I'm still kind of a beginner with crocheting...maybe after I have knit with sock yarn, I will try thread.

    Thank you for the pictures!

  4. Hi Mary Jane,

    What a beautiful find! I love it when you share these items with us. This is one of my favorite parts of your blog. Can't believe someone would give this away though; I would've definitely kept it! :-)

    All the best to you always,