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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Making a Felted "Penny Rug"

I had never heard of a "Penny Rug" before I saw this article on Colleen MacKinnon's craft blog. I LOVE the way her design turned out and it would be so easy to make! Looks kind of retro, don't you think?

 To see Colleen's step by step instructions on how to make this unique and eye catching rug, go to her blog here. She shows it as a wall hanging, which is a great idea. I can just see this rug in lots of other colors to match any decor. I don't think she knits or crochets pieces to felt them, but you could either crochet your own fabric, felt it, and cut the circles, or you can buy wool sweaters at a thrift store and felt it before cutting out the shapes you want. She has another page on "How to cut circles" for the rug and other projects.

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