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Friday, April 22, 2011

Flood Damage at my House! How I'm Coping in a Difficult Situation

I just wanted to post about damage at my house due to the heavy rains we've been having this past week. It's been awful and my insurance is not going to cover the damage, since they have declared it flood damage. I'm so upset about that. The picture below was taken after the water was gone. When the water was at it's highest, you could have litterly taken a swim!

Looking down in my garage. I have NO idea where that old Army trunk came from! I think it's from World War I
I haven't been listening to the news, but I've heard that Beavercreek got the worst of the flooding in the Dayton, Oh. area. The other day the front and side streets around my house (on the corner) were under water. It looked like a lake was surrounding my home! Since my garage is underground, and the driveway goes down a hill into the garage, you can imagine what happened. The water had no place else to go, but into my lower level garage. The water was too much for the drain, and my sump pump quit working. What a mess!
The water in my garage was up to the top of my thighs, higher than the top of the metal chair that was sitting upright. A refrigerator that was plugged in and working is on it's side, and I've lost some newer tables and nice lawn chairs. (plus lots of other stuff) To top all that off, my car was in the garage and also flooded. It had to be taken to a carpet place where they could get the water out. My car is still at that shop being dried and cleaned out.

Refrigerator fell on it's side
Since there was so much water, the fire dept. said it was a fire hazard (because of fuel oil and the electric heater being under water) and they had to call the electric company to turn off my power. I was without power for almost 3 days and lost some of the food in my refrigerator and freezer.

Alot of good that WET VAC did me!
I got some other bad news on top of all this, so needless to say, I've been stressed and overwhelmed. I've cried a lot too. I'm also in the middle of packing to move. That's one reason I haven't been posting much on my blog. I'm trying to hang in there but I just wanted anyone interested, to know I haven't abandoned you all! One day, I'll get my head above water!

How I've Been Coping with Trials the Past 3 Years

When we go through trials and negative things that happen in our lives, it's easy to want to give up and say "Why me?" There will always be ups and downs, but knowing that, doesn't always help to ease the stress and mental anguish we go through. If you've gone through similar circumstances that are beyond your control, maybe  reading about my experiences can help you in some way. Below is a list of things that have helped me, since my husband left me for another woman, my house has been foreclosed on, I'm being evicted, my little sister is on Hospice, my mom (at age 89 & 1,000 miles away from me) is trying to recover from another major stroke and other sadness and heartache in my life.

1. There is almost ALWAYS someone else who has it harder than me, and are in a worse situation. I need to be thankful for the good and count my many blessings!

2. I need to be thankful for what I DO have. Don't focus on the things I've lost or I DON'T have.

3. When the mental or emotional pain of my situation overwhelms me, and I feel like I can barely even breath, I try to say, "Can I get through the next minute? Can I get through the next hour? Can I get through the next day?" If I focus on my circumstances and heartache, I fall apart and all I see is doom! So don't focus on anything you can't do ANYTHING about. Just do what you know you CAN do! We all have to have our little pity parties from time to time, but once we get over that, it's energizing to know there are some things we do have control over. Once I get started on the things I CAN do something about, I feel like I'm moving forward, instead of backwards. So take my advice and "Take ONE day at a time!" Try not to worry. As Abraham Lincoln's mother said, "Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere." SO true!

4. Thinking about the bad circumstances or negative things that have happened to you, can eat you up just like a cancer. Don't make yourself sicker than you already are. Stress will make you sick and will also make you feel and look older.

5. If I focus on myself, then I get really down, but if I start focusing on other people and how I can reach out to others who need help, it always makes me feel good and makes me forget about my problems. We will always have problems, but it's the WAY we look at them that makes a difference. Are we going to let our problems defeat us, or are we going to defeat them head on? I have a friend (going through a similar situation) and she said, " I decided I can go through this complaining the whole way, or I can go through it, with a different attitude, and enjoy life! I think that's pure wisdom.

6. Above all, my relationship with God is what makes me have hope in everything. If I didn't have Him to turn to, I'd have nothing. In the worst situation of my life, He has given me joy, strength, hope and peace! It's a "peace that passes ALL understanding."  I really know what that means now. I've lived it, and nobody can take that away from me.  I'm not saying it's fun, but I'm saying you will always have Him to depend on and provide for you. Trying to do right and not retaliate helps my heart to heal. May God bless you too.


  1. Insurance companies are always happy to take take take but when it comes time that you might actually need something they never give it back! It seems odd that they won't cover flood damage, I thought that was standard, unless of course you opted out of that in your policy. It might be worth consulting your policy documents for their definition of "flood" and seeing if your circumstances fall outside their parameters of "flood". Even though it sounds like it has been a very stressful time you are being quite positive about it. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. My grandmother was a worrier (but she enjoyed it) and so is my father (but he gets completely stressed). I take after my mother and just deal with it and it seems life is much easier that way. Good luck with your move, I'm sure things will start getting much easier to handle. I'll send thoughts of strength your way. xXx Helen

  2. It sucks being kicked when you're down doesn't it? I know it's hard, I kind of went through the same thing with my ex 12 years ago. I moved another state away because I couldn't cope with it all. And looking back now, it was the best decision I made. A whole new life. What got me through it all were my two dogs, who I came home to every day that loved me unconditionally. When one door closes, another door opens. Keep your chin up...I guarantee it'll get better. One day at a time. xoxoxo

  3. Hey Mary, I don't know you well, but from what little bit I do know of you, you seem like a really neat lady.

    I'll be praying for and I know things will get better.

    Jesus Loves You!

  4. Hi Mary Jane, I just came from your Ravelry group and left you a msg there. Those 6 steps are very inspiring. You ROCK! Hugs, Annie

  5. This is a little late but I want to thank you gals for your positive and encouraging get comments!