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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Work in Progress - Tote Bag

I started this bag almost a year ago but had to put it down to work on other things. You know how that is :) I wanted to design a tote bag that is big enough to carry my crochet projects. (books also) If you are familiar with my books or me as a designer, you already know that some of my favorite color combinations are pinks, greens, plums, wines and purples. I adore that color palette, and am always drawn to yarn in those colors. Since my stash has lots of my favorite colors, I decided to make the bag in worsted weight, as well as some novelty yarns. I wanted to make this bag fun, and one that would get a lot of attention, so I decided to make handles with large beads in the same colors as the bag. I'm still looking for more beads. I have to give my friend, Melody Kelly, the credit for this inspiration. She made a similar bag in her colors, but she also had bought a dark purple, crochet bag with beautiful, colorful beaded handles at Cracker Barrel. You know what wonderful gifts they have! (unique and one of a kind) I just had to have one of my own! As soon as I finish the bag I will have the pattern up for sale. Hope you enjoy it.

Striped Tote Bag with Beaded Handles


  1. I like work in progress stuff. It's kinda fun to see it happen.