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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Designer's Sketches

If you have dreams of becoming a designer, another tip would be to work on drawing your sketches. If you answer a "call for submissions" from a publisher or editor of a book, they'll want either a sketch or photo of the finished design. I've heard editors at conferences say that you don't have to be an artist to sketch your designs, as long as they are neat and basically look like what you have in your head. If you think your drawing is not good enough, ask a friend who can draw well. Even though I think I do pretty well with my sketches, sometimes I ask my daughter who is an artist, to do them for me. Below are some samples of my sketches. I'm showing the "before" and "after". (sketch and finished design) Some Jamie did too.

The Granny Square Skull Cap can also be worn as a scarf

 Cloverleaf Top
 Published in Positively Crochet!

Tangerine Top
Published in Positively Crochet!

Patchwork Purse
Published in Positively Crochet!

 Darling Daisy Hat / Scarf
Published in Positively Crochet!

Description that was in my Book Proposal
This runway inspired scarf could be made for a girl or an adult. The one (left) in the  06' Fall runway collection comes almost to the floor, but it can be made in any length. Most helmet type hats have the flaps on the side, but I am putting flowers there instead. The runway version is knitted. My scarf  will have a chain link, open stitch pattern, and flowers all over, which will be placed on the outside after the scarf /hat is finished. This scarf will have flowers attached to the ends instead of fringe. This could be done in any color combination. The scarf is attached to the cap, and can be wrapped around the neck or hang down.

Coffee Lover's Scarf and Purse Lover's Scarf
I crocheted little appliques out of cotton thread and then sewed them onto the scarves    
Toddler Outfit
Published in Positively Crochet!  I had the basic shape, but at the time of the sketch, didn't know what my stitch pattern would be.


  1. I never really thought about how important it would be to sketch your designs but it makes sense. Thanks for sharing some sketches!

    P.S. - I love that toddler outfit!

  2. Thank you so much. Actually sketching is fun. I have notebooks filled with sketches. (things I haven't made yet)

    Do you have a little girl?

  3. I LOVE seeing the sketches and then the finished items! I love your pieces!

  4. wow, you're work is amazing! I'm going to have to order your book! Hopefully one day I will get to your level.

  5. Thanks to all of you. Glad I can inspire :)

  6. Hello,
    this is beautiful! Is there a place i can go to purchase this pattern? thanks so much !