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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Peek A Boo Shrug

My Peek  Boo Shrug Design published in Kim Werker's Book, Get Hooked Again.
See link to FREE hat pattern below.

Many of you have probably heard of Kim Werker, who actually started the famous blog she called "Crochet Me". There are  many free patterns  posted, as well as paid patterns and all kinds of info about
crochet. After a few years she retired from that blog and it is now run by Interweave Crochet. 

 But years before she retired, Kim wrote her book Let's Get Hooked, which was geared 
more for young women. The designs would actually appeal more to teenagers. Then later, she decided to do Get Hooked Again! and she opened it up to other designers. So I submitted this shrug and skull cap and she accepted both for the book. There wasn't enough room in the book for the hat, so she put it on her blog as a free pattern here

Free Pattern
Peek A Boo Hat by 
Mary Jane Hall

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