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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Monique Hooded Jacket

You may call this a jacket or you may call it a cardigan, but the Monique Hooded Jacket, found in my book, Colorful Crochet Lace, is designed more for fashion than for warmth. Of course, the open lace crochet pattern will require wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath, unless you just want to throw it on in the spring or a cool summer night.

Monique Hooded Jacket in Colorful Crochet Lace by Mary Jane Hall
The rows on this pattern are vertical, so the beginning chain is at the center front. The sweater is worked in 2 pieces and the center backs are joined with a seam.  The sleeves are worked right onto the front and back panels, because I wanted to avoid you having to work too many sesms.

Hood is completely optional, since it's worked separate and attached at the end of the psttern. 
The hood is a highlight of this jacket. The sleeves, which are long and flared on the ends, will graze across the top of your hand, maybe even to your knuckles. If you want to make this, and you have shorter arms, you should think about working less rows on the sleeves. This will need to be determined before the sleeves are finished though. 

This is the jacket shown worn with a belt. There are no buttons on the front and the 2 sides should overlap. Please excuse my pictures! I should have taken more time so i would have avoided my messy craft room. 

Monique Hooded Jacket closed together in front with a satin bow. 
And finally, I'm showing it with a satin bow. You could use a skinny scarf, but I made this bow on my sewing machine. I did not attach it on each side to be tied in front, on purpose, but I made the satin tie in one piece and put each end through the holes in the lace, so each end could be pulled through and tied into a bow in the front. I didnt sew it on, so it could be worn without the bow too, as in the other photos. The book does not show these ways of wearing it,  but I like to show as many options as possible. 
There are some errors on this pattern in the book, but don't worry, the corrections are here on my blog and also on the Interweave website here
For more info on this pattern, such as yarn used, go to the Ravelry pattern page here.

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