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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Kimono Trend in Fashion + DIY Tutorials

26 Ways To Wear a Kimono at Style Caster

I never intended this blog to be only about crochet fashion. I am interested in all fashion trends and that's what moves me to design trendy fashions in crochet. You'd have to have your head buried in the sand not to have noticed the kimono trend. If you're not aware of it, you may be picturing the long robes worn in Japan with wide belts. The kimono trend of today is not quite the same as the old fashioned style you may be thinking of. Today's kimonos are different in that they are usually shorter, lighter weight fabric and are left open in the front when worn.
Many of them are made from floral material, but just whatever suits your fancy would look great as a print. Some kimonos hang a little longer in the front, but I prefer the kind that hang longer in the back. You'll also see a wide varietyof sleeve lengths as well as some that are much wider and deeper than others.

Traditional Japanese Kimono HERE
Keep reading for links to make your own DIY kimono. There are many step by step tutorials with pictures on how to make your own kimono from fabric or from a large scarf. I like the ones with fringe the best! People make these from different size scarves but the largest ones are best in my opinion, unless you want a shorter kimono. I bought around 12 scarves at thrift stores in all shapes and sizes I thought might work.  I was thinking the smaller square scarves would be great for younger girl's size kimonos!
You also may be interested in the many YouTube videos I have listed below. I've looked at them all and some are sewn by machine, others are hand sewn and then there are even some gals who show you how to hot glue your seams to make the kimono. Imagine that! I've also posted one by Gloss and Sparkle who shows you how to make the kimono from just tying the corners together. So there are no excuses for not making your own, in your very own print picked out at the fabric store! You can make many custom made kimonos and I think it would be so much fun to make them as gifts for your fashion conscious friends, your mom, daughters or granddaughters. They're usually worn with casual clothes such as jeans or shorts but they look just as good with a long or short skirt.

Make your own modern kimono from one of these tutorials!
Check out these links for easy tutorials on making your own kimono!
Elle Apparel - madd from fabric - shows how to make it longer in back
PeaBrain DIY- your own fabric - 1 hour kimono cardigan
True Blue Me and You - made from a scarf
LaurDIY - YouTube channel - kimono tutorial
Loves punk - fabric kimono tutorial
Cotton and Curls - how to make a long kimono
CollegeGloss - made from a scarf
Babble - 30 minute kimono
Ester from the Sticks - she calls it a Kaftan Throwover
icandyhandmade -  from fabric
Lesley Converse - YouTube video - one of the BEST tutorials on the web!
Shop Style Conquer - easy YouTube kimono tutorial
Xmerredithx - no sew kimono seamed with hot glue gun! YouTube video
Earnest Home Co - kimono with fringe to the knee
The Wonder Forest - DIY video - large scarf that's wider but shorter
College Fashion - pictures of lay out
You tube video - clear step by step instructions from fabric
Soft Wear Hacks - 3 ways - kimono diy - short and long
Life Ann Style - Kimono tutorial from fabric
N.89 - No sew Kimono
ChelseyHijabLove - BEST tutorial if using fabric so far in my opinion. She has videos to show you how to do this in detail. This is video # 1. #'s 2 and 3 are at the right.
Fashion to DIY For - Printed layout (follow the Pinterest link)
Angela See - 2 minute video on how to make a kimono 3 ways - from an oversized shirt, from a scarf and from fabric.
Gloss and Sparkle -  NO sew and NO glue Kimono! You just tie the corners!
Meesha TV - YouTube - How to make an oversized Shrug - similar to a kimono but it's circular and doesn't hang down in front. Very cool.
Mellon - YouTube - different way of making the kimono. Instead of folding the scarf at the shoulders, she has the folds at the sides, so the fringe that was at the bottom edges is now hanging on the edges at the center fronts. Cool
Pretty Crafty Girl - great video for sewing with fabric
Candice - Brilliant idea on how to make a kimono for a child from a woman's long skirt! It's adorable! See the picture below.
True Bias - cacoon style cardigan kimono

Candice's tutorial for a child from a skirt

Another thing I'm excited to share with you is this adorable kimono for a child that Candice made from a woman's long skirt! Isn't it precious? When I went to some thrift stores yesterday I saw some long dresses and skirts that I was thinking could be transformed into a kimono, then I found this link online this morning. She shows you how to do it! As I was looking through large scarves that I thought would work for a kimono I found smaller ones also and decided to buy some so I could either make kimonos for my 4 granddaughters or even had the idea to have a "Kimono Making Party" for them and their friends! I think they will love that idea! They're so simple to make.

See iCandyHandmade tutorial HERE

As I was searching I came across another adorable girl's kimono made by iCandyHandmade.  I just love the pom poms and she has the best step by step picture tutorial on how to make one from fabric for the little girls in your life!

I am into the Kimono trend right now because I'm designing one in a crocket pattern and am really anxious to get started. This will be part of the Bohemian / Boho book I'm working on as a trial, self published book. My bohemian book will be full of exciting 70's fashions with an updated look for 2016.

I'll let you all know when my crochet kimono pattern is for sale. Isn't my yarn gorgeous? It's Alegria, made in Uruguray - a # 2 fine fingering yarn, superwash merino wool. I bought this at Fiberworks (owned by Arlene Graham) in Beavercreek, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. I love these colors and my kimono will be a pretty lace pattern.

To see a SLIDESHOW on kimonos go to


  1. If anyone tries to comment but a box comes up saying there was an error, please be patient. I'm trying to find out why this is happening. Thanks!
    Mary Jane

  2. If anyone tries to comment but a box comes up saying there was an error, please be patient. I'm trying to find out why this is happening. Thanks!
    Mary Jane

  3. Mary Jane, I really enjoyed this blog about the Kimono fashion. They are really big down here in Texas, too. I am excited about the self-published book you are planning to do about Bohemian Crochet Fashions. This yarn you posted will be absolutely BEAUTIFUL in the open weave design you have in mind. Will you put fringe on this one? I like fringe, too. Of course we were a part of that 70's look! Good luck with your book. Looking forward to seeing it one day!

  4. Thanks for the compliments Judy! Oh yes! Definitely, my crochet kimono will have fringe! Now if I can just get the time to wind the hanks into balls and get started making my pattern I'll be on my way!