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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fur Vest Fashion Trend + 5 Free Crochet, Knit and Sewing Vest Patterns made from Faux Fur

Read more at Fab Fashion Fix
FREE Crochet Pattern at Lion Brand Yarn!
This is another fashion trend borrowed from the 70's that I just love! It's SO retro. They come in all shapes and sizes, different lengths and all different colors. Some are extra thick and bulky, while others are thin and smooth. I happen to like the ones that fit in the middle of this catagory - furry, opening in front and past the hip. My color of choice would be medium brown or darker taupe. This would be very easy to recreate in crochet, since there are so many "fun fur" type yarns out there to choose from. I am going to try my hand at designing a fur vest, but in the meantime, I've posted a link (below) to a free crochet pattern at Lion Brand yarn. And if you are a knitter scroll down to the bottom of this post for a free knitted pattern! I've even posted a link to a DIY YouTube easy sewing pattern if you prefer to sew a vest with fake fur from the fabric store. See link below.

Fashion Fix.com

The mobious scarf pictured below was crocheted from 3 strands of yarn. (2 fur type yarns and 1 worsted weight solid color yarn). See below for more info on the scarf. This post is acting up and when I tried to copy and paste this text below so it would be next to the picture, it deleted the other pictures of yarn as well. Frustrating!

Free Crochet Fur Vest Pattern at Beautiful Crochet Stuff
The Crochet Crowd Mobious Scar

Another fur type yarns is Red Heart's Boutique Fur SureI can see a Chewbacca jacket or scarf made from this!

Then there's Yarn Bee Haute Fur - a Hobby lobby Brand.You may decide you'd like your vest in a different color Such as this pretty olive green!

More info on the Mobious Scarf pictured above
1 Ball of Patons Moxie Russian Sable, 1 Ball of Patons Moxie Red Fox, and 1 Ball of Red Heart Super Saver Coffee Color. 

 I'm sure she added the strand of Red Heart Super Saver, a #4 worsted wt to carry along with the Fun Fur, making it easier to see the stitches.
Whenever I use any tyep of fun fur yarn, no matter the brand, I always use a solid color carrying yarn and a larger hook, and it works up like a breeze!

                                     Free Knitting Pattern for this Fake Fur Vest with Yarn
                                           Click on Link Below
Free Knitted Fur Vest Pattern HERE at Chris Knits in Nigeria

Free Pattern at LA VIE DIY here - http://laviediy.blogspot.com/2013/04/diy-easy-springsummer-faux-fur-vest.html

FREE Sewing Pattern with fake fur click HERE - YouTube DIY Video
DIY YouTube easy sewing pattern

Another sewing project at The Style Projects


  1. I have never used fun fur yarn, but I like your ideas on how to use it!

  2. Thanks! It's really not difficult to work with it when you use another strand of regular yarn with it!

    1. I wondered if it would be difficult to work with. Thanks for the tip about using a strand of regular yarn with it.

  3. Thanks! It's really not difficult to work with it when you use another strand of regular yarn with it!

  4. Wow.... That's a good idea. There are so many different types of fur vest looking nice. Now days fashion is for all man and women. Last time i bought a fur vest with other fur accessories from online store Amifur. I feel awesome when i wear the accessories.

  5. A colorful long sleeve t-shirt is nice with the vest.
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  6. I would agree with that Fizillion Manager!

  7. I would agree with that Fizillion Manager!

  8. What do you think about this faux fur duffle bag?
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