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Monday, August 17, 2015

Interview with Mary Jane Hall on Colorful Crochet Lace by Ellen Gormley

Ellen Gormley of Go Crochet
If anyone is interested in what my motivation and reasoning was in choosing Paris as my theme for Colorful Crochet Lace, you can read all about it in my interview with fellow designer friend, Ellen Gormley. She asked questions that are different from other interviews, so you may find it interesting.

If you are a crocheter, I'm sure you have to know who Ellen Gormley is! She and I started designing professionally around the same time (2004-2005), and Ellen has really climbed the latter in this exciting world of crochet! She's had many successes, such as authoring books, designing for magazines and teaching Annie's videos on crochet but her most recent endeavors have been becoming the editor of the popular Crochet! Magazine and also being asked to be a regular as a crochet expert on the Knit and Crocbet Now TV show! As a follower and friend, I am very proud of the things she has accomplished in the world of crochet.

Ellen and I have actually been connected in several ways. Living in a suburb of Cincinnati, her local CGOA group had me come to Loveland, Ohio (an hour from me), to be the guest speaker at a 1 day crochet retreat in March of 2008. That was a really fun time, as I love getting together with other crocheters. As crocheters around the world, we just have an immediate connection, don't we? Then in 2010, my own local Dayton CGOA had both Ellen and I do a 1 day crochet retreat  at the Bergamo Center here in Dayton, Oh. That was also a full time, gething to know her even more.

Ellen Gormley's Logo at her Blog - Go Crochet

And again in 2009, Ellen and I traveled together from Cincinnati to Detroit whee she and I each did a taping of an episode on the Knit and Crochet Now TV show, invited by producer, Candi Jensen. This is the same show Ellen appears on regularly now, with the new host, Deborah Norville of Inside Edition. Deborah is a long time crocheter and Premier yarns named one of their yarns after her. Sometimes in the future I will feature Ellen with an intrview about her books and life as a designer.

To read Ellen's interview with me, Mary Jane Hall, on Colorful Crochet Lace, go to her blog HERE.

Greater Dayton Crochet Retreat in March 2010 with Ellen Gormley,
 Mary Jane Hall and President Pam Fry
Crochet Designers / Authors, Mary Jane Hall and Ellen Gormley Crochet Retreat 2010 at the Bergamo Center in Dayton, Ohio
Backstage at the Knit and Crochet Now TV Show, Taped in
Detroit, Michigan, October, 2009
Drew Emborsky, (the Crochet Dude), Mary Jane Hall and Ellen Gormley
 with Host Brett Bara in the Background

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