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Friday, July 24, 2015

Review of Colorful Crochet Lace at About.com by Katheryn Vercillo

Katheryn Vercillo is well known for her popular blog, Crochet Concupiscence. I'm honored she did this review of the book! Go to About.com to read the full review.

Crochet designer Mary Jane Hall has released a new book called Colorful Crochet Lace that highlights the stunning contemporary use of lace in crafting with nearly two dozen fresh new crochet patterns. Additionally, it incorporates the use of a special crochet technique created by the designer to help make it easier for crafters to shape their garments to their own size and style.

About the Crochet Book

Colorful Crochet Lace is a 2015 crochet book published by Interweave.

Examples of the Crochet Patterns
It includes 22 truly chic crochet lace projects, giving us a little bit of information about the history of lace making but more importantly showcasing how lace really fits in with a modern way of life. Author and designer Mary Jane Hall really loves color and she capitalizes on that love by incorporating bold hues into her patterns. This shows us the varied potential of lace that we might otherwise overlook when viewing more classic white/cream and other neutral lace designs. Of course, those kinds of lace have their place but it's great to see the other options in crochet lace as well.
The crochet patterns in this book are a mixture of accessories patterns and clothing patterns. You'll find crochet patterns for belts, bags, scarves and shawls. You'll also find crochet patterns for beautifully lacy boleros, capelets and shrugs to wear over outfits all throughout the year. And with the patterns in this new book you'll also be able to make crochet shirts, dresses and tops of all shapes and sizes.

Graduated Stitch Method

It's an impressive collection of different types of designs. You could make a whole wardrobe for yourself using this book and a little bit of your own imagination!
The most unique thing about this wonderful new crochet book is that it incorporates the Graduated Stitch Method, which is a a unique shaping/ and sizing technique created by the author. She teaches us the technique so that we can get the right size and shape to suit our own needs as crafters without having to rely solely on increases and decreases, which have long been the standard method of shaping and sizing in crochet. The designer has been using this technique for several years to great success in her patterns.

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