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Friday, April 19, 2013

My Bag in Vogue Knitting Crochet 2013!

I said I'd post a photo of my bag design today, so for the ones who haven't seen it, Ta Da! 

Mary Jane Hall's Drawstring Bag in Vogue Knitting Crochet 2013

My own photo - Drawstring Bag in VK Crochet 2013
My tasseled bag (titled Drawstring Bag in the book) measures 15" tall x 11" wide. It has a double lining, so the right side of the lining shows from the outside but also from the inside. Actually the outside that's showing is a light teal color, and the inside fabric is brown with small teal swirls. I added a pocket on the inside. Even though I suggested to the publisher I thought the bag would look good in ivory, I plan to make my own bag  soon in a different color. I'm thinking of a darker taupe, a dark sage green or maybe even a plum. They chose a wool yarn, but I'm going to make mine in a thick, sturdy cotton, and will add more pockets. You can never have too many pockets!


  1. Ha! I guessed right! Congratulations again! It's a lovely bag and I vote for cotton ad well. I see it in emerald green for some reason.

  2. Thanks Natalia! Yes, for sure cotton. I like the idea of emerald green. Did you see the comment i wrote you about emerald green being one of my favorite colors and my birthstone? (I lost the comment I think) It was my mom's favorite color and also my daughter's. She had me make the bridesmaid's dresses in emerald green for her wedding a few yrs ago. Do you know of an emerald cotton yarn I can use?

    1. I haven't seen your comment about emerald. ;) May be this one? http://halcyonyarn.com/products/yarn/0831360L.html
      I like this cotton and they have plenty of different fiber yarns in many colors. I usually get lost there.

  3. Imagine my surprise seeing the photo of the 1994 Vogue crochet issue... since I just bought that issue after rummaging through a pile of crochet and knitting magazines at a LYS that is sadly going out of business. They priced it at $2. I said.. Ok. I'll take it. I also bought some lovely creamy silk and linen yarn on clearance that will work up nicely in your 2013 Vogue issue drawstring bag.

    It's depressing when a LYS decides it must close it's doors, but in this case, I'm not surprised as they'd over extended themselves financially by opening 3 stores within our area during the recession, more than could be supported. Now, all 3 must close.

  4. That's so sad that your LYS is closing! Yarn & needlework are getting MORE popular, not less! That should never happen. Even though I occasionally go to Michaels, JoAnns or Hobby Lobby to look at yarn, I do support my LYS and spend lots more money there!
    Glad you like the bag! Let me know when you're finished so I can see a photo. Maybe you're on Ravelry? What color are you planning to make? I still haven't started my own but I bought some gorgeous plum colored cotton.

    Some publishers keep the projects we send in to be published. Even though I love having my designs in magazines, most do keep the project. I love doing my own books, because I keep everything & do fashion shows or display them at book signings, etc. I'm working on a book proposal right now!

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