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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coffee Lover's Scarf - Featured Crochet Pattern

by Mary Jane Hall
published in Positively Crochet!

 Anyone who knows me has a pretty good idea of how much I love coffee or anything related to coffee. I don't just have to have it in the mornings to come back to life, but I absolutely love the flavor of coffee. I can't resist coffee ice cream, espresso flavored desserts, coffee candy, and of course chocolate covered coffee beans. My sweet daughter in law, Ashley,  puts them in a stocking for me every year at Christmas. And to me, getting together with friends for coffee is one of the most wonderful things in life. Don't you think coffee tastes even better when you share it with a friend? 

This design would not appeal to everyone but the scarf itself, without the coffee cup applique, would be a quick, easy project for a beginner. You may even prefer to use the applique on something else. Regardless of who you make it for, any coffee lover would appreciate this as a gift.

 The Coffee Lover's Scarf pattern can be found in Positively Crochet!, a book with 50 patterns of  trendy crochet wearables and accessories. This book has a huge variety of projects for yourself and others to choose from, including several smaller patterns that would be great gifts!

Use the coffee cup as an applique elesewhere
Receiving mostly 5 star reviews, each pattern page has a positive, encouraging tip on life and relationships. Over the years I have spoken at several women's seminars or inspirational days on marriage and family relationships, and I'm happy to share things that can truly change your life. Several people have stated that they enjoy contemplating on these truths as they relax with their crochet. This gives me a wonderful feeling just knowing I may be able to help change someone's life just from a thought! So why not invite a few friends over for coffee and crochet? - two of my favorite things in life!

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