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Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Design in Interweave Crochet - Winter 2012

Photo of my top in Interweave Crochet Magazine
  Daisy Peplum Top
Design by Mary Jane Hall

I was excited as I eagerly opened the 2012 winter issue of Interweave Crochet magazine that came in my mail today. This is the first design I've had in Interweave Crochet. Even though it's one of my favorite magazines, I had never submitted a design simply because of being busy and also for the fact that you can't submit designs by email. Everything (sketch, swatch, schematics, photo & description) has to be sent by regular mail. I guess I don't blame them for wanting to see the swatch in person and hold it in their hand, but it is more work to get it ready, than sending it by email. Of course I was honored and thrilled they chose one of my designs!

I originally submitted this design for an adult and had my pattern and size grading figured out, but they asked if I'd be willing to do it in a child's size (2 - 10). Of course I said yes! There was so much work involved in this project though trying to cut the sizes down. My 11 year old granddaughter, Jade, is a size 10 (the size they wanted) but she lives about 40 minutes away from me and I didn't have her here to try the sweater on as I went along. I was so happy though when I took it to her house and tried it on her! It fit her perfectly! You just don't know what a good feeling that was to know all my hard work paid off. If you're a designer you probably know exactly what I mean! See my photos below of Jade wearing the top. To read more about it go to Ravelry here.

My 10 year old sweet granddaughter, Jade

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