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Monday, November 12, 2012

Earth Child Choker & Bracelet

Earth Child Choker and Bracelet
   Design by Mary Jane Hall
With the Bohemian/Hippie/Gypsy look seen everywhere in clothing, accessories and room decor, I decided to post about my choker and bracelet pattern, published in a book called Jackets,Wraps and More, by House of White Birches. This book was original going to be titled Retrospective, and they wanted designs inspired by the 60's and 70's. I immediately wanted to do this set with wood beads and hemp, which really sums up jewelry from that era. I believe I ended up using a cotton yarn / thread. Read more about the pattern for this set on my designer page at Ravelry here.


 What inspired me to post about this retro looking set is the fact that today I created a new board on Pinterest entitled  "Gypsy / Bohemian / Hippie Styles". I pinned mostly colorful home decor and clothing, but it made me think about this design I had published a few years ago.

Since I joined Pinterest 3 months ago, I just can't seem to stop pinning! I love it! You get to have your own boards labeled with things you are interested in.

You may see a crochet design from another country you are inspired by and want to store it on your computer. Posting to Pinterest saves you from having to take up space on your computer, such as in your documents or pictures. You have followers and you can follow them as well, so that's where most of your pins come from. You can pin any photo or recipe on the web - not just from Pinterest. Of course I do "pin" lots of crochet items, but I pin just as many recipes. I have boards on fashion, home decor, crafts, restyled clothing, and so much more. To see my other boards and learn more about Pinterest go here. But I have to warn you - it's addicting! I'd love for you to follow me! Maybe I have something you'd be interested in. My boards are here. I'll check out your boards too!

My daughter, Jamie, modeling the Earth Child Choker and Bracelet

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