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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Double Breasted Jacket Purse

This has been a popular pattern in Positively Crochet and whenever I carry this purse it gets lots of attention! People always comment on it. Maybe it's because of the color combination or the style. I used a sturdy 100% nylon cord (with a gorgeous sheen) but you could use any yarn for this pattern. Of course using a sturdier cord such as this helps to give the purse shape.

I also added a lining and a sturdy stabilizer, which can be found at fabric shops such as Joanns or Hancocks. Just look for the thickest, most firm pelon called Peltex.

I normally am a loose crocheter, but when making a purse or tote bag, you want to work as tightly as you can, unless it's a lacy, open weave design. Nylon cord is a little slippery, so you'll want to use "Liquid Stitch" or "OK To Wash It" when weaving in your ends.

You can find the cord, Omega La Espiga # 18, in 83 gorgeous colors at Creative Yarn Source. (formerly crochetstyleetc.com) Mona is a very nice friend of mine and you'll love browsing her site for exciting yarns, cords and threads at great prices! The page for this nylon cord is HERE. This is the cord that used to be called Omega Hilos. Hobby Lobby also carries it but they have only a few colors.

Of course you can make this in one of your favorite colors but hot pink is hot, hot, hot right now!

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