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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crochet That Fits Translated into Polish

I was very surprised to find the Polish version of Crochet That Fits in my mailbox yesterday. I had no idea my publisher (F+W / Krause) was doing that. I'm just as intrigued as to why Polish. I looked crocheters from Poland up on the web and found lots of support for crochet in that country. In fact a famous crochet designer, Agata Olek, is a native of Poland, living in New York City. You just have to see her work. It's wild! Scroll down to see more Polish crochet designs and designers.

Agata Olek

Then I found a website on Lacemaking in Poland. You can see more beautiful work here.

Other interesting sites: People from Poland and crochet
1. Dorota's Etsy Store - nice crochet items!
2 Frezje's Etsy Shop - Cute doll dresses! (scroll down to see crochet)
3. Eva Crochet - Pretty filet crochet       
4. Kroowka - More Polish lace on Etsy
5. Vintage Victorian Crochet - I found this quote on "crochet was quickly picked up from the French by Polish thread workers and many of the lace patterns were designed, and are still made, in Poland."


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