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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ravelry - A Knit & Crochet Community

If you've never heard of Ravelry, you will LOVE it! It's a knit and crochet community with over a million members. Membership is free and there is so much information and things to do there. If you're already a member, go to my page here. My Ravelry ID is maryjane2 and my group is called Positively Crochet, so please join us!

Some info about Ravelry

1. Connect with crocheters and knitters from around the world
2. Have your own page that tells about yourself, and post photos of your projects for people to see.
3. 100's of different crochet groups you can join, one of which is my group, "Positively Crochet", that a fan    started for me about 4 yrs ago. (for people who like my designs and books)
4. Many different forums on all subjects, so you can get answers to any of your questions
5. Connect and talk with designers from all over the world.
6. If you make a pattern from a book or magazine, you can post your photo and link it to the designer.
7. I, as a designer, can see all the items people have made from my designs, and they're all grouped together, so if you see something I designed and want to see what yarn other people have used  you can go there to look it up.
8. It's great for me since I can see what people made and their comments about the pattern. You as a crocheter can see their comments if you are considering making that item.
9. You can look up just about any yarn in the world and see what people have made with it. (if you have a particular yarn and not sure what you want to make)
10. Thousands of free patterns on Ravelry.
11. Lots of patterns you can buy and download from Ravelry.
12. Post photos of your stash
13. Exchange yarn with someone or buy it from them.
14. See errors or corrections designers have posted on their patterns
15. Have your own library on your page. You can post photos (from a list they have) of your crochet books, so people can see what you have.
16. You have email on Ravelry
17. Find events (festivals, fiber events) in your area to attend.
18. They will automatically put a small version of your home blog page or website for people to see and click on.
19. Look up any person in the world who knits or crochets. I have met so many nice people from all over the world, plus you get to see pictures of what all they have made!
20. Things are organized and categorized so you can look up any patterns for tops, dresses, afghans, scarves, etc, making it quick and easy to find something you want. You can even look up "lacy crochet", "Tunisian crochet" or any other method you are looking for!
21. Look up other crocheters where you live. I have found many crocheters I didn't know who live in the Dayton area.
You'll love it. It's fabulous! To read more about Ravelry and sign up, go to this link.
Click on "Tour for knitters and crocheters", to the right of the page.


  1. Glad you posted this - somehow I'd never become your Ravelry friend or joined your group but I've remedied that now. :)

  2. Thank you so much CrochetBlogger! I just now saw you on Ravelry. Thanks for the friend request and for joining the Positively Crochet group!

    Mary Jane (maryjane2 on Ravelry)