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Friday, March 25, 2011

Trend Watch - Crochet

I just wanted to share this with all you crochet addicts! It's funny though, there are stores and websites that call some things crochet, and they aren't crochet at all. You can tell, after looking at certain items with a magnifying glass, it's knitted (or machine knitted) to try and look like crochet!  Go here to see more.


  1. Know what you mean, and to top things off, there are crochet hook manufacturers who in their advertising actually say "knitting" when describing their hooks. Amazing. I know its likely a translation thing but sheesh!
    Whatchagonna do?!

  2. Even when stores are selling "crochet", it's just not the same as something handmade with a love and passion for the art.

  3. Your right! One thing for sure is that knitting can be duplicated by a machine, but no one has ever been able to invent a crocheting machine! That's one thing that makes it so special and unique :)

  4. It's true that there are a lot of stores selling "crochet" items that aren't true crochet. Nevertheless some of those pieces are really beautiful and inspiring and could be used as a basis for creating something truly crochet that's in line with the trend.

  5. Oh and that Missoni dress is gorgeous! I love everything they make, knitted or crochet!