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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thrift Store Finds # 1 - Ear Flap Hat

Ear Flap Hat
 I want to say thanks to my model, the beautiful Romanian beauty, Mihaela Vaduva. She's my daughter's sister in law, who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Actually, she's also my son's sister in law. Sound strange? Not really, after I explain it. My daughter, Jamie Hall, married Mihaela's brother, Virgil, 11
yrs ago, and then 3 yrs later, my son Brian Hall, married their sister, Anca Vaduva. So their kids are double first cousins.

Mihaela with her pretty long hair
 Their parents are finally in the states now, along with the 2 sisters. It took many yrs for them to get their visas! Their sister, Ligia, had to go back to Bucharest to finish her last yr in collage and will be back to the US in July.
The hat has braids on the sides
I couldn't have a better model to show off the stunning thrift store finds - in crochet! I found the Ear Flap hat for just 99 cents! When Mihaela tried it on she went crazy over it and of course, I told her she could have it.  Isn't this a cute and unusual hat?

Keep checking back for more thrift store finds in crochet! I have maybe 20 beautiful pieces such as lacy sweaters and pretty purses.


  1. Not relevant to the hat but I love the top that your model is wearing in these photos!

  2. I love the bright colors of the hat!

  3. I love the hat-- and what a find at a thrift store!! I also love the top -- what a beautiful color!

  4. Sara, I love the bright colors too, and will probably sell some of the crochet items, but I let Mihaela take the ones she wanted.

    CrochetBlogger, the top Mihaela is wearing is her own and she had no idea it would match the hat so well, until she came over for the photo shoot!

  5. Renee, you should come see me sometime, and I'll take you "thrifting" to all the fabulous thrift stores we have in the Dayton area!

  6. What a great find! I can see why Mihaela wanted to keep it!

  7. Hi Mary Jane, I know you're really busy at the moment so don't worry - I originally posted in the commment section - "Trend watch for Spring - Blue Hues". Many thanks. Debbs

  8. Debbs, can you send me your email so we can talk that way? i couldn't find your email either :)

    I looked at your original question and see what you mean. I will be gone all day today and won't be back til late tonight. I'll make myself a note to look at the original vest i made. The pattern was tech edited. Maybe I should look at my original handwritten notes too.
    So sorry for the confusion.