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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrift Store Find # 2 - Colorful Straw Shoulder Bag

Colorful Crochet Bag
 The lovely Mihaela Vaduva is holding my # 2 thrift store find today. I immediately spied it in the store because of the colorful stripes and the fact it is in like new condition. I never buy anything at a thrift store unless it is in great condition.

Close-up of Shell stitch
The thrift stores we have around here (Dayton, Oh. area) are fabulous!  In fact, I've heard more than once that we have the best thrift stores in the country!

I'm sure most of you have heard of Clark Howard, the well known consumer guru. He has a talk radio show on the air every evening. I listen to him a lot and he said when he comes to Dayton he goes to our thrift stores and that we have the best ones he's ever been to.

Our thrift stores are big, clean and carry only the best of items - never anything junky, torn or dingy. Most everything looks new. They are also known for the way things are organized to look like a regular store. I constantly find new items with the price tags still attached. For instance, I may find a sweater that has an original price tag of $78, and I'm buying it for $5 or less. Everything is color coordinated, with sizes separated, making it easy to find the size you're looking for.

One of my favorite stores has 2 half price tags 1/2 off every single day. Each price tag has a color, and when you come in the front door, you'll see a sign that shows 2 colors, like green and blue, as half price. Then the next week, the sign may show orange and yellow tags as 1/2 off. The beautiful and unique purses are organized and color coordinated along a huge wall, and you will find brands such as Vera Bradley, Dooney and Burke, Liz Claiborn, Burberry, etc. The shoes all look mostly new.

Another reason I know we have the best thrift stores is because my niece in Texas told me that a Dallas newspaper had a write up on thrift stores and how more and more people are taking advantage of saving money this way. The article stated, "Dayton, Ohio has the best thrift stores in America." That was exciting for me to hear.

So why don't you hop in a car (or plane) to come visit me and I'll take you around to all my favorite thrift stores! You'll see men in 3 piece suits, women who look like movie stars with huge diamond rings, and lots of expensive sports cars in the parking lot. Maybe we could even get a little crocheting done, and visit my local yarns shops :)  If you are a thrift store enthusiast, let me know what you think of my thrift store finds! I have several more items to post.


  1. Terrific thrift store find! I have family in Ohio (Ashland) and actually do really enjoy thrifting (and yard saling and auctions) in that area. We have great stuff in our secondhand stores in San Francisco but it's not cheap like it is in the Midwest!

  2. Marvelous! I am also a thrift store junkie. I can never get out the lovely- often hand made items that I find there- for a pittance!

  3. Kristi maybe you go to the same ones I do?? (Linden Ave. Woodman Dr. etc)

  4. Beautiful! Are you going to design one like it? ;) And which store is your favorite? We might have to have a GDCG thrift outing to see what all we can find!

  5. Hi Renee! I just now found your new blog and it's great! Sure, I'd love to plan a guild thrift store outing :) We can do that after I move and get settled :) I have given talks to women's groups on thrift store shopping. We had a fashion show (thrift store outfits) lunch, Tips, and a trip in the church van to thrift stores for the ones who had never been.
    Have you ever been?

  6. CrochetBlogger, wish we could meet up someday when you are in Ohio! It would be fun shopping in San Francisco though. I visited there twice when I was a little girl :)

  7. Renee, I think this purse would be very easy to make. If you want to make one, I can help you get started. All you'd do is crochet a circle, Then attach the yarn (or raffia) at the edge and work in the round.

  8. I adore thrift stores! That bag you got is so cute. My current kick is buying afghans and frogging them to reuse the yarn--really cheap way to get new yarn!

    Thanks so much for coming to my blog and being a follower too.

    Julie (twistedstrands)

  9. Oh I too love Thrift stores I have a favorite one here that I find so many goodies in and the only problem is I have to limit my visits or I would have to get a storage locker to hold it all. :) I will have to try your thrift stores one day. :) What a gorgeous bag. Debb

  10. Great find!I like thrift things. Here in Siberia we have second hand shops where there are clothes from Europe but every year the situation is getting worse, prices go up and stuff is more junky. Your invitation sounds interesting!:)

  11. Hi Mary Jane! I'm moving to Dayton in about a month and I am a thrift store addict so your post made me a little too excited because I haven't yet heard that about Dayton thrift stores:) I don't know ANYTHING about Dayton- can you tell me which thrift stores are you favorite?