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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Crochet Designing Business Cards

If you are a designer, contract crocheter, or pattern tester, and you don't have business cards, you really should order yourself some professional looking ones. I made my own cards for 5 yrs,

and they looked pretty good (with a crochet background), but I decided to go ahead and spend a little extra money for professional cards. I really like the way these turned out, with all my info.

I ordered them from Vista Print where they have very good prices. You can either use one of their templates or customize your own like I did. I do love the look of the cards because there was room for the info I wanted, plus I was able to put photos of 2 of my books (one on front and one on back) Having the back printed cost a little extra, but I thought the price was very reasonable. What do you think? Scroll down to look at the back of my card.
Back of Card
 When I was designing the card, I just wanted one book cover on the back, and tried to remove the smaller photo to the left, but couldn't do it. I emailed the company and asked for help, but they never replied, so I just left it the way it was..


  1. They look great! I'm not a designer but I do have business cards to help spread the word about my crochet blog (nobody knows how to spell Concupiscence to find the blog!) and I also use Vista Print.

  2. Hi Mary Jane,

    It's funny that you bring this up because I have been meaning to get myself some business cards done with Vistaprint also just for when I bump into other crocheters.

    I love the way you've designed your cards. They look terrific, especially the front of the card. I really like that purple flower.

    Thanks for reminding me to do what I was going to do! :-)

    All the best,

  3. Thanks for the compliment Paula!

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  5. Hi Mary Jane,

    I just got my cards from Vistaprint today and they look amazing! I will be writing a post on them tomorrow on Crochet Hooks You. Thanks for getting me into action on this one.

    Now I can start handing them out...:-)


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