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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bundle Up With the Best Winter Accessories

I think right now is a good time to be talking about bundling up, don't you? Not only is it frigidly COLD in the north, but I'm sure you've heard of the unusually cold ice and snow storms in the south. We're having an extra cold winter here in Ohio, but some of my family in Texas are getting snow and ice as well. Maybe you've seen them in the stores this winter, but ear muffs have become all the rage this year, according to Elle Magazine. (click to see slide show of winter accessories) I've seen both knitted and crocheted ear muffs in stores.

I actually crocheted around some ear muffs 5 years ago, but never did anything with the pattern. Well, really, I made the ear muffs to match the "Fluffy Flowers Scarf" that was published in my booklet, Crochet In Style     in 2005. I just didn't get the ear muffs mailed to Kooler Designs in time to be in the booklet. But I'm happy to say that I own the designs now and can do whatever I want to with them. I decided to have both the scarf and matching ear muffs published in the 2100 Crochet A Day Calender. So if you have this year's calender, look it up! See photo below of both, as well as photo from the booklet. Scroll down.

Jamie, my daughter, wearing both for the 2011 calender


  1. I hadn't heard the news about earmuffs making a comeback. Interesting. I suppose it makes sense since those huge headphones are also making a comeback and the look is similar. Nice stuff here.