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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crochet Tip: "OK To Wash It" Fabric Glue to Weave in Yarn Ends

Using “OK To Wash It” Fabric Glue

Using OK To Wash It fabric glue is great for securing loose ends. How many times have you had your ends come loose, changing the look of your finished garments? This glue is especially helpful when you are using slippery cord or yarn that splits easily. Just pull the loose end and put a tiny drop on the yarn with your fingers, placing glue on the part that will be hidden "inside" the stitches. Let go of the loose end, and it will pull itself back into the stitch where it will not show. Try not to get too much glue on the yarn, so it will not seep through.
You may not need to use this tip to secure your loose ends on a finished project, when the work is tightly woven. But sometimes when you purposely use a much larger hook and your work is loose, open or lacy, there's just not much you can to to make sure the ends you have woven in don't come out. That's why I use this fabric glue to secure the ends many times. My good friend and fellow designer, Annette Stewart, taught me this trick a few years ago and I don't know how I ever went without it! It's a must when your work is loose and open. You can buy it at any major fabric or craft store, such as Jo-Anns Fabric and Crafts.


  1. All the great things are simple!
    What a great tip! Thank you, Mary Jane!

  2. thanks a lot for the tip! can you use it to glue yarn to large areas? for example, glueing a large knitted or crocheted flower to a canvass bag? just wondering. :)

  3. Thank you so much. Made a shrug, huge hook, open stitch and those blasted ends just won't stay hidden. Was going to try glue but wasn't sure which one to use. Off to buy this product. Thank you again!

  4. Thanks a Bunch ������

    I've been having Big problems with my ends . . .��