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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Designs / Patterns in Positively Crochet!


I'm showing a sampling of the designs that are in Positively Crochet. This is only a small number of the 50 patterns in the book. The book has sweaters, summer tops, hats, purses, scarves, jewelry and much more!

These are all my own photos except for the first one.
Coffee Lover's Scarf
Girls Hat plus Doll Hat to Match
Quick Easy Vest
Newsboy Cap and Felted Tote
Plum Circular Shrug
Ivory Shells Sweater
Easy Shrug - One of the Most Popular Design in the Book
Mother /Daughter Snowball Scarves
Lacy Tunic

A reader who bought my book, Positively Crochet, asked me (on Ravelry) about the back of this bolero. She is making the bolero and said it's going well, once you get used to the yarn. I agree. The book does not show the back of the bolero, so I'm posting this photo. You crochet 2 circles, (left and front) and sew a seam in the back, which leaves a "V" at the bottom back.
 My friend, Gina, modeling the Bolero for me

Back of Bolero
Sari Silk Bolero in the book

I will be adding photos of more designs that are in Positively Crochet in the next few weeks. Please check back! In the meantime, you can see many of my designs on Ravelry. (link to my page)


  1. Mary Jane,

    This doesn't relate to the topic at hand. I have a question about the crochet pattern for the tangerine top. I signed up on Ravelry.com, last week and I saw your top and loved it. There is a post stating that this pattern can be found in Crochet that Fits. I went to Borders and found your book, however, the Tangerine top was not in the book. Where can I find this pattern?
    Thank you.

  2. Postively Crochet...I found the book. Sorry.

    1. Im so, so sorry I never saw your comment! I didnt know i didnt have a link to the comments. Glad you found it in Positively Crochet!