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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Newsboy Cap and Medallion Belt - Free Crochet Pattern by Mary Jane Hall

Newsboy Cap Pattern by Mary Jane Hall - Free Crochet Pattern
This Newsboy Cap pattern I designed was published in a hardback book called Hooks Only Crochet, From Start To Finish, in 2006. It is now being offered as a FREE Crochet Pattern! Link for the free psttern is HERE at Annie's website, who now publishes the ever so famous Crochet! magazine. 

This cap pattern is unique in that you create "pie" shapes and then put them together. Now if you do not like the idea of sewing anything together, this pattern may not appeal to you, but I promise, it will look unique and different from all the others! You have the option of sewing with a large yarn needle or sewing the shapes together with a crochet hook. Instructions are also given to make the button on top. By the way, I designed a belt to match! Free pattern for belt is HERE.
See more photos below.

Pie shapes are crocheted, then sewn together to form a hat.
Newsboy Cap by Mary Jane Hall - Free Crochet Pattern