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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Funky Stripes Legwarmers - FREE Crochet Pattern by Mary Jane Hall

Funky Stripes Legwarmers - Free Crochet Pattern by Mary Jane Hall
Now that tne days and nights are getting cooler it might be a good time to start thinking about making these legwarmers for yourself or maybe even for a friend or granddaughters. This is a really fun project. I first designed these to match a sweater my daughter had. I loved the colors and wanted to recreate that color combination to match.

Funky Stripes Legwarmers, Free Crochet Pattern by Mary Jane Hall.
This photo is by nicole02 of Ravelry. Even though I love thecolors of my original leg warmers, I like hers just as much! Thanks for your photo Nicole!
I love makaing Puff Stitches and even if you have never made that stitch before, it's not difficult at all.  See the solid color ones a friend on Ralvery made. I like the bows she added! 

Crochet Legwarmer free pattern by Mary Jane Hall

ltlblonde,   a solid color and I love them! I love the bows too! Thanks Robin for your picture!

Thank you Megan (Yonder22 on Ravelry) for your picture. I love e color yarn you used!

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