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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Crochet Wine Shrug

This Wine Shrug was also published in the Annies Attic book, Top It Off, and is shown on the front cover, along with one of my other original designs, the mint green Cropped Sweater. Although this book is out of print, it is still sold in stores and online. I've also seen it on eBay for $2.00. Btw, the shrug is a long rectangle, so is easy enough for beginners!

Top It Off by Annies
I came up with  many different ways to wear thiis
shrug, as that is one of my passions. I have always liked to take one project and see how many different ways it can be worn or how many different projects I can make from one basic pattern. Those of you who know me as a designer, know this is something I love doing. In Crochet That Fits (shown at right) you'll find a basic capelet that uses the same basic shape to make 7 diffrent projects.  I made a basic capelet, skirt, purse, turtleneck capelet and hat. Not in the book are also a lamp shade, throw pillow and a tree skirt using the same shape. All you do is change the yarn size or hook size for the different projects. I also have a Cowl pattern for sale here on my blog, called the Cabled Cowl and from the same exact piece (without changing the yarn or hook), you can form it into a cowl, skirt, capelet, tote bsg, pillow and hoodie.

See ways below to wear this shrug. It calls for a bulky yarn. Read more details on my Ravelry psge HERE http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/wine-shrug.

Fold shrug and wear as a scarf

Wear as a capelet without putting your arms in the sleeves

Wear as a wrap

Wine Shrug worn as a shrug

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