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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Taco Salad in Crispy Bowls

This taco salad is a lot like the ones you buy at Taco Bell. After all, I bought the crispy bowls from them. I don't know how many people think of this but instead of baking tortilla bowls in the oven, I just go to Taco Bell and buy them for 50 cents each. It's well worth it to me because you don't have to bake them yourself and it is the original shell from Taco Bell. That was always my favorite part of the salad anyway! I don't know what all they put in their salad, but here's what I put in mine. It's delicious and everyone loves it! I hope you do too!

My Taco Salad with Crispy Bowls from Taco Bell

Ingredients  - Serves 6

2 lbs ground chuck or round
6 large shells purchased from Taco Bell
Lettuce,  shredded
Tomatoes , chopped
Vidalia sweet onion, chopped (or green onions)
Black olives, sliced
1 can black beans, rinsed
2 packets taco seasoning
Grated cheddar cheese
Optional - Sour cream, avocado, Ortago taco sauce

Brown ground beef in large skillet. Drain fat. Add taco season packets and add 1 1/3 cups water. Stir and simmer til most of the liquid is gone, about 30 minutes. Note: you don't want to make it too dry.

To Assemble Salads
Place shell on microwave safe plate and microwave for  30 seconds. Put about 2/3 - 1 cup meat inside bottom of shell. Use more or less meat, as you desire. Then put in layers on top of the meat, the lettuce, tomagoes, onion, black beans, black olives, ending with cheese.
Add sour cream, taco sauce and avocado if desired.


  1. This sounds delicious, MaryJane! I never thought about buying the shells from Taco Bell. That is a very good idea. I will have to try this recipe soon.