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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Top Fashion Trends - Spring 2016

If youve been following me for a while you already know that I am obsessed with following fashion trends. This is the biggest reason I prefer to design trendy crochet garments and accessories, because I've always been into fashion, long before it ever entered my mind to become a professional designer. Below are a few of the newest trends for Spring, Summer and Fall 2016 and being a feminine gal,  I love it!
1. Ruffles- Huge  celebrities and models have been wearing these dresses for a party or any event. They are everywhere and off the shoulder styles, long or short,  seem to be making a big impact. I love, love ruffles and they are so feminine!
Ruffles- http://funtard.com/fashion/14-upcoming-fashion-trends-of-2016-for-women/
2. Gingham:  One of the most popular trends on the runway, gingham is everywhere as well. Some are bold colors with a blend of floral print and you can find so many varieties to pick from. I remember gingham being a huge trend when I was in the 9th grade. I lived in Mississippi at the time and had a whole outfit (top and pants), made from blue snd white gingham. I think one of my sisters had the same outfit in pink. Choose a Gingham style to look chic this spring!
3. The Late 70's - This is my favorite fashion era ever and it's all about what the boho look of today is. Continuing in fashion again are the long maxi dresses, wide brim hats and fringe. Some would call the new 70's look Hippie Chic or Boho Chic with a little touch of gypsy in the mix! Some would even call it the Gunne Sax era. I remember those beautiful feminie dresses well! I got married in the 70's and my bridesmaids had the wide brimmed hats with long flowered dresses! Now if I can only find a picture to show you. 

4. Distressed Jeans: Distressed jeans, also known as ripped jeans, are considered as the most genuine pick of most of the young ladies of all shapes and size. Of course this is nothing new, but this trend is still going strong according to the experts.

5. Lower Leg Strapped Shoes or Sandals -  To some people their shoe are just as importsnt or even more importsnt than their clothing.  Lower leg straps (or ankle straps) are still extremely popular. I love wearing these and still have some from when they were hot before.  I think they look great in spring or summer and they really do make me feel feminine. They can make you really look in Vogue!
6. Midi skirts - Although maxi skirts and dresses are still popular (especially with the bohouse look), the midi skirt, known as a "tea length" is among some of the hottest looks for spring 2016. 
7. Dark Romanticism - Lace, ruffles ribbons, and more lace are here to stay! Love it! Why do you think I wanted to write a book on Colorful Lace Crochet garments? Some of the lace colors are going to get dark this year though.

8. The 60's - the 60's style brings fun, bold graphics, boxy silhouettes, lots of brocade fabrics and a touch of retro here and there. The "Twiggy" look. Some younger women reading my blog may not have ever heard of Twiggy! Remember her HUGE eyes? 
Fab 1960's - Twiggy, Top Left

This is from 2013, but the 60's style is still hot in 2016 -  http://thefashiontag.com/2013/03/26/60s-trend-styles-2013-spring/

9. Think PinkPantone came out and declared rose quartz as one of the colors of the year. Spring and summer styles might see paler pinks, but the fall pinks will be in richer hues like hot pink, fuschia, raspberry and magenta. I love the darker colors. I bet this includes plum too, which is one of my favorite colors! 

10. Off the Shoulder Tops and Dresses - So feminine!

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