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Monday, August 24, 2015

Reneé Rodgers - Last Day of Book Blog Tour : Review of Colorful Crochet Lace and Book GIVEAWAY!

Crochet and Knit Designer
Reneé Barnes
(Crochet Reneé on Facebook)
I'm very proud to announce the next participant in the Colorful Crochet Lace blog tour. Her name is Reneé Rodgers (Ravelry) and you can see her blog post  (Make Life DIY) with a review of the book and a chance to win your own copy! Click HERE. Reneé was the first person I ever had the privilege of mentoring in the CGOA mentoring program for those who have aspirations of becoming a professional designer. I instantly liked Reneé because she's interesting and so easy to talk to. Even though she's gone through trials in her life, as we all do, she still seems to really enjoy life and is a pleasure to those who are around her.

Of course in the mentoring program we don't teach people to design. We just kind of lead the way by answering questions, giving advice, and giving them contacts in the business where they can submit their designs, whether it's to a magazine, book or other places.
I knew Reneé was very talented and I quickly found out she had experience with everything including spinning her own yarn. She even spun some yarn she made for me from her Angora rabbits with Alpaca added to it. I was very impressed and it was so soft that I knew I had to design something with it! I ended up getting a scarf  accepted for the book One Skein Luxury Yarns by Story Publishing. And guess what? My mentee, Reneé, had a design accepteed for the exact same book where she landed a cover design!

Not only that but she became known very quickly when her gorgeous crochet dress design won the Grand prize in the CGOA yearly design contest that is held every year at Chain Link Conference! (Also known as the CGOA Knit and Crochet Show)

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