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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Outstanding Crochet: My Designer Friend, Natalia Kononova

I am so excited that my dear friend, Natalia Kononova, talented crochet designer won 1st place in the design contest for the 2016 Crocbet Calender! She found out the good news on her birthday and you can read all about it at the link below. Congratulations Natalia! Your top design is beautiful and you deserve it!


                          Natalia wearing her beautiful design that won the contest

Outstanding Crochet: Nice surprise for my birthday - to be selected as ...: and receive $500 prize from  Kniting & Crochet Pattern-A-Day Calendars The winning design is a Swing Top pattern: The top is embe...


  1. STUNNING! I need more time so I can crochet all these lovely designs! Thanks for sharing, MaryJane

    1. You're welcome Kathy! As soon as Natalia gets her green card, you'll be able to purchase her beautiful designs!

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