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Monday, April 6, 2015

The 70's Trend in Fashion 2016

As some already know, I am crazy about the 70's trends in fashion. In fact I have been blogging about this for several years now. It used to be when trends came in, they'd go out the next year but have you noticed how in the last 10 or so years a trend comes in and stays in? Since I love fashion from the 70's, when it was being shown on the runways, I was excited and reluctant at the same time, thinking it wouldn't catch on and it wouldn't last. But then year after year the past decade bits and pieces of the 70's trends keep cropping up.

How To Wear the 70's Trends without Looking like You're 
Wearing a Hippie Halloween Costume

I don't care if you're in your teens, 20's, 30's or 40's, you know all about the hippie phenomenon of the late 60's and early 70's. You're mom, grandmother or aunts may have lived back then and still have items of clothing they wore. Back in the 90's when my daughter was in college, this trend popped up on the scene and before I knew it she was asking to borrow my hats, vests, ponchos, beads, macrame and bags I still had in my closet. I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I was not a hippie, who was all about free love and anti establishment, and I certainly didn't live in a commune. But certain aspects of the hippie vibe started spilling over into main street fashion and I really took it on. That was absolutely a favorite season of my life as far as clothing I wore over the years. One reason is because it was ultra feminine to me and  represented the style of what I felt good in. There was just something about long flowing dresses (with smaller flowers that weren't gaudy like some colors of the 60's), wide brimmed hats, shoulder bags with fringe or tassels, long fringed vests and gladiator type sandels. Now what did I just describe to you? You've seen this look everywhere today.

Hippie vs the Bohemian Look of Today

Bohemian style or "Boho" as some call it, is a more refined chic look. Some even call it Hippie Chic, and I guess you could say I dressed Bohemian back then, but I had never heard that term until the last decade. The past several years a few fashion designers started putting these looks in their runway shows but it didn't seem to catch on as I had hoped and I was sure it would go away. But every year those 70's looks keep cropping up, which gave me hope. I can confidentially say that now it's become a very popular theme even among more well known designers I thought would never consider "boho". I believe some celebrities who have helped this trend along are the Olson twins and Nicole Richie, who have had their own clothing line. When the younger generation hops on the bandwagon, top designers have to take notice. It used to be many, many years ago that designers controlled the trends, and we just had fo go along with it whether we liked it or not, but now the fashion conscious public controls it and the designers have to go along with it if they want to stay in business. One single person can affect fashion trends and we saw that around 2004 when Jessica Simpson wore a beautiful crochet shawl on stage and everyone who saw it just had to have one! Thats when the "crochet craze" began its ressurection and I promise you, if it were not for that one shawl she wore on stage, I would not be designing today. I started desigoing my own caplets and ponchos and the rest is history!


  1. Oh MaryJane, are you SURE we are not related? I also adore the 70's fashions, and even love the music from that era! (kids nowadays have no clue what they missed!) Anyhow, I better start playing the Lotto, because I can foresee my savings depleting faster than Elton John's "Crocodile Rock!"--once your new book is available, that is! I can't wait! Thanks so much for the inspiration and justifying my reflections on a GREAT era!

  2. That's great Kathy! Btw, when you looked at thus blog post is the image of the maxi dress, floppy hat & sandals showing up? Some people have told me there's no image & ones of my sock images isn't showing up either.I've been upset about this today & have people trying to figure it out. It all started this morning when I tried to post on Twitter about the book release date being moved up from Aug 7 to July 24. I tried to click on the link for my blog I posted on Twitter and a message vane up saying that my blog was not safe & could have malware. I already sent Twitter a message, but they said they don't respond individually to people.