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Monday, March 4, 2013

Newborn Mountain Hat with Earflaps - Free Crochet Pattrrn

       Design by Mary Jane Hall

Description: It’s hard to find such a cute hat in a newborn size, and it will turn heads for sure! For a larger size hat, use a larger hook or bulky yarn using these instructions. If you want to make the hat in a smaller size to fit an American Girl Doll, you can use a smaller yarn such as a sport wt and a smaller hook.

Fits size: 0-3 mo

Classic Worsted Tapestry by Universal yarn; you’ll need approx ½ of a 3.5 oz/197 yds/100gm/180 meter skein in Wild Aster, color # 7020

Crochet Hook size I               
Yarn needle

Rnd 1: Ch 2, 8 hdc in 2nd ch from hook. Do not ch 1, pm in 1st hdc on each rnd so you’ll know what rnd you are on – 8 hdc
Rnd 2: 2 hdc in each hdc around – 16 hdc
Rnd 3: 1 hdc in 1st hdc, * (2 hdc in next hdc, 1 hdc in next hdc) Cont from * around - 24 hdc
Rnd 4: * 1 hdc in 1st 2 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc, cont. from * around – 32 hdc
Rnd 5: * 1 hdc in 1st 3 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc, cont. from * around – 40 hdc
Rnd 6: * 1 hdc in 1st 4 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc, cont. from * around – 48 hdc
Rnd 7: * 1 hdc in 1st 5 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc, cont. from * around –
Rnds 8- 14: 1 hdc around, end off. Add more rows to fit baby’s face if needed. (before working earflaps and sc edging) Keep in mind that you will be working 4 more hdc rnds and 1 sc rnd from this point on. 

Fold hat in half so seam is in back Count 7 sts at center of each side and pm at st # 1 and st # 7.
Row 1: Sl st in 1st st at right; hdc in same st and in next 6 sts, turn – 7 hdc
Row 2: Ch 1, hdc in next 7 hdc, turn – 7 hdc
Row 3: Ch 1, hdc2tog in 1st 2 sts (1 dec), hdc in next 3 hdc. Hdc2tog in last 2 hdc, (1 dec) turn – 5 hdc
Row 4: Ch 1, hdc2tog in 1st 2 sts (1 dec), hdc in next hdc. Hdc2tog in last 2 hdc, (1 dec) turn, end off – 3 hdc
Try hat on baby’s head and add or delete rows as needed to fit face. 

Attach yarn at any st and sc in each hdc around entire edge of hat. 

Braids (optional) Make 3
Cut 8 strands of yarn in 8” lengths. Fold all 8 strands in half, making 16 strands. Braid into desired length, and trim ends. Sew all 3 braids to top of crown from inside of hat, using yarn and yarn needle. Note: I made each braid a different length. Another option would be to sew a braid to bottom edge of earflaps.
Weave in all loose ends. 

Hat fits a life size baby doll too!


  1. Thanks for the lovely pattern! I have to occasion to crochet for charity and this fits a size taht is much requested. I teach crocheting and appreciate the certificate and the idea of celebrating and acknowledging achievement.

  2. Thank you for the pattern MJ. This is a cute hat for both charity crocheting we do at GDCG and for the new grandbabys that I am crocheting for.

  3. Such a cool Hat, Mary Jane! I can't believe I haven't visited your blog before. I am sure I'll be back:0)

  4. Thanks for visiting Angela! Sorry to say I hadn't been to your blog either until tonight :) I just joined. Glad you liked the hat pattern!

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    1. Yes, Rhelena, that's fine. Sorry it took me so long to see this question!

    2. Please link the pattern back to my blog/page. Can you send me the link to where you posted the link to this pattern? Thanks!