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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thrift Store Find # 8

Thrift Store Find
Although I've bought hundred's of fabulous items at thrift stores over the years, I'm mainly posting crochet and knit related items. I found this stylish knit capelet for around $3.00. It caught my eye not only because of the colors, but because the 70's zig zags have been a hot trend all over the country. And I'm not just taking about crochet!

I'm sure you've seen the zig zag pattern everywhere on clothing, scarves, purses, shoes, notebooks, and even furniture! Back in the 70's most people called this a "ripple" pattern and it was very popular as an afghan design. I wasn't crazy about ripples back then, but I've discovered that it was mainly the colors they put together, just as I posted about the 70's granny square colors that were just not appealing to me. With the right colors zig zags have kind of grown on me.

This capelet could easily be done in crochet. If I were doing it, I would work the ripples in the round (or in a rectangular piece) but work the solid color in vertical rows attaching the ends of the rows to the bottom part as you go along. of course I would use my Graduated Stitch Method and work sc and dc on the same row to get the shaped effect.

Notice the baskets on the bookcase at the left of the picture? The bookcase has 15 baskets and yarn stuffed in each basket. I though it was a cool way to store some of my yarn. Of course I have probably 4-5 times that much yarn in my stash!

Most of my other yarn is in big tubs, bags and drawers. I'm hoping to have one of the rooms in my house dedicated to just yarn and some other crafts. One day, that is........

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