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Friday, October 26, 2012

Bobble Hat and Wristlets by Mary Jane Hall

Bobble Hat and Wristlets in Crochet World
No matter how many designs a designer has published, it's always exciting to see it in a magazine or book. Legendary knit and crochet designer, Margaret Hubert, has been designing since the 70's and she told me she gets just as excited each time she sees her designs in print! Not only has she designed for every crochet publication available, but she has authored 11 books and is working on another one now. She does books one after another and I don't know who she does Today I'm showcasing my latest published design, which is in the current issue (Dec 2012) of Crochet World.

When I sent in my submission I had made the Bobble Hat in wine, which is one of my favorite colors. It's also one of the most popular colors for this season, but the publisher wanted me to do it in this brownish color. The yarn I chose (Bulky by Universal) can be found at your LYS or online, but you can use any bulky readily available yarn purchased from a chain store. Actually, Universal yarns are very affordable.

You can probably tell that the bulky yarn and thick Bobble st was used to keep you super warm in the shivering cold winter months. I didn't state this in my pattern but if you want to make this set for a child, just use a # 4, medium wt. yarn instead of the bulky.

Crochet World - Dec 2012
This was not the quickest pattern to create, but I believe it was well worth my time. I was thinking about the Popcorn/Bobble hats I had seen in some of my old crochet books from the 60's, but the shape back then looked more like a swimming cap. Is anyone reading this post old enough to even know what a swim cap is??? I wanted to give the hat a more slouchy look and you could even make it more slouchy by adding rows to the circle before you start decreasing. Another way to wear this hat is with the band turned up inside the hat, like you would a facing. I think it looks cute that way too. The Wristlets finish this set and are very appropriate for someone who spends much of their time texting their friends.

You can read more about the details of this design on Ravelry here. I want to thank the staff at DRG (now called Annie's) They are a great bunch of people!

Margaret Hubert and Carol Alexander

 Click here to see a preview video by Executive Editor, Carol Alexander. I love her! She accepted 11 of my designs all at once back in 2005 when I was first starting out. Not only is Carol a sweetheart, but she is also a very talented designer and author, and the editor of Crochet! magazine.


  1. Very pretty design and I remember swimming caps! I like the "toast" color with the camel coat, looks very classic. Have a wonderful weekend. Heather