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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pink Filigree Lacy Capelet with Fringe

Design by Mary Jane Hall
Pattern for sale - see details below

Pink Filigree Capelet in Crochet in Style
This capelet is one of the simplest designs I have ever created but is also one of the easiest and fastest to make! If you have been crocheting for a while, you can probably make it in 2 hours. And I'm thrilled to tell you that my 16 year old pattern tester, Rachel, made it in 3 hours even though she was a beginner! She caught on to crochet pretty quick and I was in the room while she was working on the capelet in case she had questions on the pattern. 

If you look closely at my photo (above) you will see that I added some pink beads. This is a "top down" pattern and I worked the first row the way I did so a ribbon could be woven through in order to tie a bow that would sit below the left shoulder. The ribbon would help keep the capelet on the shoulders if your shoulders are narrow. (see photo below) Rachel tied the ribbon in the center instead of on the side, while modeling it in my 2009 fashion show.

My friend, Rachel, modeling in my fashion show (2009)

 I had 25 models and at least 70 designs in my show that day, and I couldn't keep up with everything! My friends Tina and Dawn were organizing everything in the back to help get the garments and accessories on the models to help make everything go smoothly. That was a FUN day! When I have more time I'll put the video here on my blog in case anyone is interested in seeing it.  Doesn't the pink look good with the black?

Ravelry member, betzie, made the capelet in brown and put beads 
on the end of the fringe. 

I love it! You can make the fringe as short or as long as you want. Some may even want to add more fringe. (in between) Fringe is SO hot right now! You see it everywhere.

 4 oz. of worsted wt. yarn is what you'll need, but if you're making it in an xlg you may want to  have more than that. This pattern is for sizes xsm, small, medium, large and xlg. The size you make is what determines the hook size you'll need.

Sizes xsm - xlg


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