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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fishnet Sweater for Adult and Child

Fishnet Sweater in Positively Crochet!
Some people may look at this sweater and say "What? That's not a sweater! It has holes and would never keep anyone warm!"  That's where"trendy" comes in. It's not always practical and may be a little funky. Back when I was sketching design ideas for my first book, Positively Crochet, I was set on doing trendy crochet designs. That was my goal because I knew there was a shortage of trendy designs in books.  I looked at designs from the runway, and found a fur poncho made with an open fishnet pattern. That's where I got my idea for this top. (see photo below)  I originally thought this top would appeal to only teens but I've been surprised that older women like it as well. They want to be trendy too!
I used an extra bulky yarn and tall stitches so you can crochet this in 2 - 3 hours. Using a smaller yarn and smaller hook will result in a child's size. (below)

Open Weave Poncho from the Runway
Use smaller yarn for small top
Magazines tend to have trendier designs because they can get the magazine to the buyer a lot sooner than a book. Also, a design used to be a one time thing - only shown in the magazine. But time has changed with the computer age and publishers are taking advantage of that by selling designs online that have already been published in their magazines. It makes a lot of sense because everyone doesn't buy magazines. Some are now even offering the designer royalties from their online sales, which to me is very fair.
 This pattern is a "top down" project, which makes it easy to fit as you go along. You can add to the length by adding more rows. Another idea would be to weave a wide ribbon through the top row and tie it into a bow!.

Another view of the Fishnet Sweater which is in Positively Crochet! at right. This book contains 50 designs with a huge variety of projects!