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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Zig Zag - Trend in Knit and Crochet -1960's and 1970's Look

Unique shoes by Missoni
Love these colors!

Way back in the 60's and 70's I wasn't too crazy about crochet  items with a zig zag pattern. It was also called the "Ripple" pattern. I started on an afghan kit in the ripple pattern and I never even finished it! I think it was mostly because I hated the colors (gold & oranges). To this day, I have never made another afghan, except of course a baby afghan, because they are quicker to make.

Nice pattern
Nice Bracelet!

I was not a fan of granny squares either. I never really knew why  until it dawned on me one day - I did not like the color combinations that people put into crochet back then! I have never liked bright orange, bright yellow or yucky drab avocado green. That may sound strange, because green is one of my favorite colors. I guess I just don't like warm bright colors with yellow in them. I've always leaned toward cool colors, like plum, wine, true red (with blue hues), pinks, fusha, cranberry, medium green, sage green, purple, grape, and cool blues. Maybe oranges are your favorite colors but they hurt my eyes! LOL! And don't ask me why, but I am much more motivated to design something when I love the color of the yarn. I usually have been able to choose my own yarn color, but occasionally when a publisher sends me yarn they want used in a design, and it's an ugly color to me, I just cannot get too excited about working on it.

I just got a design accepted for Interweave Crochet, voted the "Most Popular Crochet Magazine", assuming they'd want me to use the yarn I did the swatch in, which is a gorgeous 100% silk fingering wt.Crystal Palace yarn. I cringed when the editor told me they would probably be sending me a different yarn. I'm sure it's because of the color they need for the magazine. (Winter '12) If I want to get paid, I'll have to be ok with it :)


  1. This is so true about loving a color you work with, it inspires a lot! I am on the opposite side - love all colors with yellow in them and my favorite recently is avocado green. It's probably because I grew up in very north USSR - luck of pretty clothing in stores and luck of colors in nature, winter for half of the year.
    Unfortunately I feel too grown up to wear it, but I've got avocado green camp jacket at least to cheer up bears in the woods. :)
    But I agree cold colors look more classy.
    Good luck with your new designs! I hope to become a designer like you some day. :)

    1. Oh Natalia! You are very talented. I love looking at your crochet and love seeing your blog with all the interesting things that are crochet related :)
      Mary Jane

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