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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fashion Trends for Spring 2012 - Love this sophisticated look!

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love the capris and especially the hat. For a little more laid back, crafty look, scroll down.

Bohemian is back! Anything straw, zigzag, woven, canvas, Aztek, seed bead, crochet, fringe, wide brimmed floppy hats, espadrille, and feathers have been seen on the catwalk.You'll find more trends at stylebakery.com

Designers for Target, are creating clothes and accessories with an arts and crafts feel. SO popular and all you have to do is look on Etsy or any other crafty site, where you can find handmade clothing and accessories for sale. This trend actually reminds me of the 60's and 70's when everyone seemed to jump on the craft bandwagon. Back then I was into everything including crochet, macrame, crewel embroidery, and just about any craft you can think of. Everyone was doing it, but we didn't have the internet to sell our handiwork. Young crafters of today have no idea what opportunities they have compared to decades ago.

For more Spring 2012 Trend reports go to Elle magazine here.

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