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Friday, October 28, 2011

Flower Scarf by Mary Jane Hall - Recently Published

The Lavender Flower Scarf with Dark Purple trim was also published in the book, Go Crafty Crochet Accessories. My previous post has photos of the other scarf I have in this book, and is called the Two Color Scarf.  I call it the Circles Scarf, since it is made up entirely of small circles.                                                     
Flower Scarf by Mary Jane Hall
I think the Flower Scarf turned
 out stunning with the dark and light color combination.

This was also an idea from my artist daughter, Jamie Vaduva. She did several sketches of scarves for me about 5 years ago, and I sent this one off as a submission for the first time this year.

Scroll down to see the book these 2 scarves were published in.  The publisher is Soho Publishing based in New York City, and they also are the publishers of Vogue Knitting magazine. This accessory book has 11-12 patterns for hats, scarves, purses, a shawl and wrist warmers, by various designers. I recently saw this book at JoAnns.

Order the Book from Knit Picks here

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