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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lime Green Crochet Watchband - Pattern for Sale

Lime Green Watch Band - Design by Mary Jane Hall

I've had several requests for this pattern so I'm finally posting it. You can use any crochet thread, but I used Hilo Omega # 2 100% nylon cord. It's a little slippery to work with, but makes the band super strong. You can buy the buckle & watch face at most craft stores. See the beautiful watch faces below that I found on eBay.

This is a quick and easy project! Hobby Lobby carries this small cord (the thickness of a very thick thread) but Mona at CreativeYarn Source has this in 90 different colors! WOW. I have used some of her Omega products for years and have featured the Sinfonia yarn, # 18 and # 2 Hilos Omega nylon threads in my books. Since I mentioned her website, her business really picked up. I'm happy to help her out!
Watch Faces you can buy on eBay
Make these in different colors as Christmas gifts!
Many styles to choose from on eBay
To order this pattern scroll down and click on the "Shipping options" menu and choose whether you want to receive the pattern by email for $1.99 (with free shipping), or if you want to receive the pattern by snail mail (USPS). If you check the USPS shipping method, you will be charged $1.99 for the pattern + $1.00 postage, making your total $2.99. To pay with Paypal. click on the "Buy Now" button, and you will be directed to their secure website where the details of your transaction will be set up. If you need to pay by a different method (money order, etc) please email me and let me know, so I can get your address.

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  1. Beautiful crochet design and I love that you have shown several watch face options to go with it!