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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top 10: The Spring 2011 Trend Report

More Spring Fashion Trends

For more info and to see slide shows of  designer runway shows, 
go to Elle's website HERE
(includes Spring 2011 hairstyles)

I know the photo is too small to read the trends, so I'll list them here.
1. Blue Jean Baby
2. Building Blocks
3. Eastern Front
4. Into the Wild
5. Lace Race
6. Sheer Bliss
7. Down to Business
8. That 70's Show
9. Punk'D
10. Prints Charming
 11. To see photos of the "stripe" trend, look HERE. 
12. To see photos of the "Safari" trend, click HERE.
13. Teen Spirit trend, click HERE.
14. Resort trend, click here
15. "60's Inspired" trend, go to this page .
16. "50's Inspired" Fashions


  1. Love the way you're staying on top of the hottest fashion news!

  2. I've always loved to follow the fashion trends. As a designer of trendy crochet wearables, I have to. In fact I subscribe to several fashion magazines, including Lucky, In Style, Elle, Bazaar, Teen, Vogue and sometimes a few others. I also spend hours researching trends on the internet. I'm glad someone appreciates me doing this! :) I am SO wanting to do another book! I have 3-4 ideas for different books in mind, but am just waiting to know when and where I'll have to move. I won't start a book til i get settled.